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Ticket Information

August 9-12, 2017 • Harrisville, WV

2017 Feature Entertainment

Anthony Mossburg

Charlie's Horse Band
Advanced tickets will be offered for a four-day pass. They will be on sale at: Eastway Video, Pizza House, Union Bank of Pennsboro, and WVU Extension Office.
• Eastway Video
• Pizza House
• Union Bank of Pennsboro
• WVU Extension Office.
Packs of Plenty List
Pasta can (15 oz)
Soup can (10 oz)
Canned vegetables
Individual cereal bowl/box
Vienna sausages
Individual fruit cups
Individual pudding cups
Snack cracker packages
Cheezits cracker packs
Saltine cracker (4pk)
Granola bars
Canned chicken
Oatmeal packets
Pop tarts
Cookie packs
Fruit and grain bars
Cans of beanie weanies
Individual boxes of raisins (6 pk)
Cereal bars
Wednesday, Aug. 9 - Gospel Night - Two non-perishable food items for Packs of Plenty (see sidebar). To ride the rides, it is $5 for an arm band.
Packs of Plenty Printable List

Thursday, Aug. 10 - Family Night - Children 12 and under free with paying adult. Adult ticket prices will be announced soon.

Friday, Aug. 11 - To be announced soon.

Saturday, Aug. 12 - To be announced soon.
Ticket Pricing: