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Weigh-in for the Livestock Show will be held at the 4-H Multi-Purpose Barn.
Livestock Exhibits

There have always been bio-security concerns that go with showing cattle or other livestock. When you take an animal to the county fair, your animal is more than likely coming in contact with other animals that your animal has not previously been around. This can expose the animal to a possible disease that you don’t want to bring back home.

It is also important to make sure your own animal is disease free so the other animals at the fair are protected as well. Animals come in contact with each other at the wash rack, in the barn and in the ring. One of the most important practices to protect your animal and others is to water and feed her out of your own bucket instead of the “community” water bucket.

All county fairs have rules in place that do not allow animals with ringworm, warts, pink eye and other communicable diseases to be shown or housed with other animals at the fair. This is for the protection of your animal and everyone else’s animal.
The animals are only part of the equation for a successful show day at the fair. Let us also remember that showing livestock is a learning experience for the youth. It may be a cliché but "not everyone can win." The learning comes from the entire experience from preparation at home, the work in caring for the animal at the fair, and showing the animal in the ring, not just the first place ribbon. The final result is that the “Blue Ribbon” kid is more important than the “Blue Ribbon” animal.

Questions about exhibiting your livestock?
Contact Us for all the details.

August 10-13, 2023 •  Harrisville, WV

Wednesday, August 9
11am - Commercial Livestock Show
3-5pm - 4-H & FFA Livestock Exhibit Check-in
6pm - 4-H & FFA Egg Judging & Poultry Judging
7pm - Livestock Exhibitors Meeting & Photos

Thursday, August 10
9am - Swine Showmanship & Market Show
1pm - Rabbit Showmanshi8p & Market Show
3pm - Sheep & Goat Showmanship & Market Show

Friday, August 11
9am - Poultry Showmanship & Market Show
1pm - Beef Showmanship & Market Show

Saturday, August 12
8am - Gates & Exhibits Open
9:30am - Overall Youth Showmanship
1pm - Youth Livestock Awards
1:30pm - Youth Livestock Sale

Sunday, August 13
12pm - Gates open for Horse Show & Events, Hoover Field
1:30pm - Horse Show
2:30pm - Horse Judging